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5 Tips for a Successful Campaign

Target: Define your audience. If your business is local, make sure you reach potential subscribers in the relevant ZIP codes. Decide if you want both males and females and what age range is most likely to be your customer. LeadServe will prompt you to select appropriate targeting as you set up an Offer.

Tailor: Tailor your Offer copy (Headline and Description) and Offer image to your target audience. For example, you may want to display different Offer copy to males versus females or people in their 20s versus 30s. Be clear and concise in your messaging. Most importantly, be honest and straightforward in order to generate interest from people who genuinely want what you are offering.

Test: Begin your Campaign slowly. Limit (cap) the number of subscribers you’ll receive per day. Capping your Offers at the beginning will give you time to evaluate your results. You may want to experiment with different Offer copy and images. Once you are satisfied with the Leads you are generating, you will be ready to increase your caps.

Track: Track your new Leads to see how often they are making purchases and taking other actions that provide value to your business or organization. Tracking these actions will provide insight into the Offer targeting and messaging that is most effective. We recommend sending email to your new Leads from an email marketing platform that provides easy-to-use tracking tools.

Tend: Tend your Leads like a garden. You should send at least 4 emails within the first 7 days of receiving a new Lead. It’s best to strike while the iron is hot. And don’t give up if a Lead doesn’t make a purchase after one or two weeks. LeadServe users report Leads turning into paying customers weeks or even months down the road. Keep sending newsletters and special promotional emails – the Leads are yours to keep, so use them!